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The Boys
I'm the black one!

Well, somebody I know finally updated my doghouse, took the trash out, and cleaned up a bit. About time I'd say, considering an unnamed critic from Turner Publishing took offense from my Braves prediction! In any case, the doghouse has been cleaned up a bit, but that JacksonÍs Alien Matian is still the most fun place to be. When will I get my due?

Well, the doghouse has been pretty slow lately, let me quickly update you on some of the more interesting things happening around here. We got one of those plastic pools to play in, but as usual, I am going to wimp out, cause for some reason, I just donÍt like water. Well, I like to drink it, but swimming is a no-no.

This summer has been brutally hot. I have no relief in sight, except for my favorite substance, ceramic tiles. Ohhhh baby. Nice and cool on my tummy.

I have met some nice dogs this month, including Barkley and Wendall from down the street. When my people take me rollerblading (they rollerblade, I run silly!), I usually see my friends and we can go crazy for a while. He He He, Jackson is not allowed out to play with us because he runs away and tries to escape, so he gets left in the house. You should see him go crazy in the window because he can see us playing in the street!

Until next time, come back to the Doghouse soon...

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Just for starters, while I build my page up, try out ESPN.

Also, if you want to go see Jack's ugly mug again, here's where to do it, and to see my sister Lexi, try out the Lexicon page.

Try out Major League Baseball. It is new from MCI and it promises to keep me busy this season making sure the Yankees go all the way.

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