The Lexicon
Well, thanks for finally trying out my page. You must be dog lovers but i'll convert you, you'll see that I am clean, and quiet, unlike my brothers.

Anyway, living with these two fools has been hard, but it surely beats the street. I was going to grow up to be an alley cat, but now I'm just fat. I just can't seem to stop eating and eating.

So, my name is Lexi, short for Alexandria. My dad wants to call me Alex, but I prefer Lexi, it makes me sound sassy. One thing you should know about me, is that I can eat as much or more than those dogs. I really love my Kitten Chow. MMMMMMMMM.

Is it only me, but is this whole internet thing a bit much? Whatever happened to spending time unwinding yarn and kicking some dog butt!

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