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A life of learning and changing

Written 5/27/2001, updated annually

As I went through some serious life changes - I wondered about myself back to when I first graduated from college... I built this chart, which I try to keep updated to keep me grounded and moving.

Year [Age]
Job Activities/Trips
1998-1991 [18-21]
Get away from home
H.S., College student, intern, retail, burger king, Dominos
Panama City, Daytona/Yankee Day, Orlando, Atlanta, Amway
1992 [22]
Work, be independant
Comcast cable sales, video store
FSU trip
1993 [23]
Make $$$
Ad agency intern, pizza boy
900# flop, Jamaica, umm - got married.
1994 [24]
Stabilize income, make more $
UPS, design student
Bought first house, London, Clemson/FSU trip
1995 [25]
Shift careers, what do I like to do?
UPS, MCI, Swan Media
Internet, Adult baseball
1996 [26]
Doing "fun" work, learning, exploring
Swan Media
1st baseball trip, Cruise, Skiing in WVA, SF trip, Misscarraige
1997 [27]
1st notion of get rich from Internet, what do I want to do w/my life?
2nd baseball trip, Skiing in CO, Julia born, FLA trip
1998 [28]
Hilton Head, NY
1999 [29]
Product Manager, learn about business
iXL, Kinzan
CA, Syd born, LA, Big Bear, NY, LV twice
2000 [30]
Get rich
Kinzan, AppGen
FLA trip, NY
2001 [31]
AppGen, March of Dimes
NY (dad), cross country, Maine, VLC in Washington
2002 [32]
Family, stability, focus
March of Dimes
London, San Diego, VLC in Detroit
2003 [33]
Confusion in direction (again), family, being a great dad. Starting a new business.... a new direction and a new challenge.
March of Dimes
Royal Carribbean Cruise in January, eBay Live!, Phoenix Summer staff meeting
2004 [34] Focused on sales/marketing capabilities, running around like mad again, but perhaps this time with a purpose (my own business?) MOD, TSS, and other acronyms Phoenix Summer staff, P&G biz trips (Ohio), Atlanta visit, New Orleans, Junior Achievement, Coached Julia's baseball team
2005 [35] New job!!! Develop management/people skills, work at a more strategic level. Sell TSS... move on - simplify my life. Yoga. Moved to CT. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society San Diego, New Orleans, Florida, AZ (biz trips), Trumbull, Disney
2006 [36] Enough w/TSS, working hard at being a good manager/leader, focused on balancing my life. Being with my wife and my kids. Coaching/Teaching. LLS San Diego, Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta, Ireland vacation, Dallas
2007 [37] Unexpected job change to IRC - I'm suddently aware of the wider world around me and want to be involved somehow. IRC Washington DC, Africa, San Diego
2008 [38] Another unexpected change, this time away from non-profit to Microsoft. Learned a lot at IRC and am not headed off in another direction. The career thing doesn't seem to matter as much as being w/my kids, coaching and personal growth.MicrosoftSeattle, San Diego, Atlanta
2009 [39]Family, coaching, personal growth, my passions are clearly changingMicrosoftSeattle, Atlanta, Golf is Hard TV