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Anticipate the Industry - 1997

Way back in 1997, as the Internet was fully developing into a commercial medium, I remember thinking about the limitations of the technology and apparently sat down and wondered about a few things.

The funny thing about this list, as you read it - is to think about what actually did happen between 1997 and today...

What if:

  • we had no bandwidth limits?
  • plug-ins weren't needed for interactivity
  • Java fails? Or succeeds?
  • you can deliver broadcast quality video over the Internet?
  • everyone bought 1 thing a year off the 'net?
  • the rest of teh world suddenly gets wired?
  • Microsoft buys Netscape and ends the "browser wars?"
  • content really is king?
  • the industry totally bombs?
  • I could model myself as a 3D avatar and monitor the net as I would my own world? Intelligence? Searching?
  • video games online are finally profitable?
  • Macintosh totally dies?
  • Pagemaker for the web finally happens?
  • the government steps in?