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100 Things You Now Know About Me

In No Particular Order...

Created on October 14th, 2003 at 12:26 (during my lunch break just in case you are in HR and reading this)

  1. My middle name is Brian.
  2. I am left-handed.
  3. I'm an aquarius, born on January 25th.
  4. I once had a huge crush on Janet from Three's Company.
  5. My father had Multiple Sclerosis. Now that is a fucked up disease. Make a donation.
  6. However, I married the most amazing woman on Earth.
  7. We met in college as freshman!
  8. I applied to colleges based on distance from NY state.
  9. I attended Florida State University. Majored in Advertising, double minor in English and Psychology.
  10. I missed a 3.5 GPA overall because I took a philosophy course my senior year where the bell curve was about 75 points. I passed, but barely and my overall GPA fell to 3.48.
  11. I'm an incorrigible Seminoles fan.
  12. I have every FSU football program from the 1988,.1989 and 1990 football seasons.
  13. My grandfather once bought me a "Babe Ruth" baseball card for $1.25 which is now worth exactly $1.25 but that he thinks is probably worth $100.
  14. I often forget to laugh at the world (and myself).
  15. I can be completely overbearing at times.
  16. I am extremely opinionated and love to argue over things that have no "true" answer.
  17. I am a life-long Yankee fan.
  18. Greg Nettles was my baseball hero. Probably still is.
  19. I once got to be "Homer the Brave" and put on the costume when I worked for the Atlanta Braves.
  20. My Jewish name is pronounced"Mayor" as in "Call me Mayor Mccheese."
  21. The last time I was in temple was when my dad died.
  22. Writing this list is a lot harder than I thought it would be, and I'm only at #17.
  23. I am one of the stories in Po Bronson's book "What should I do with my life." Really.
  24. In high school, a girl turned me down for a date by telling me she was a Jahova's Witness.
  25. It took me about 25 minutes to work up the nerve to kiss the girl who would become my wife.
  26. I was on SportsCenter once, sitting in row 1, seat 1 in Chicago (Comisky, not Wrigley) on day 2 of the season in 1995 (I think). It was a day after a snow-out game and the stadium had about 1500 people in it so I sat down in that seat and was on the show that night. You could see my big head.
  27. My nicknames have included: Jughead, Garth and Cyrk/Sirk.
  28. 9 times out of 10, I have no idea what I'm talking about.
  29. I've lived in 4 states (NY, FL, GA and CA) and will add CT to the list within the next few years.
  30. I've driven across the country twice, once when I was 6, and again when I was 31.
  31. My most embarrassing moment was in high school - I was at the dentist's office and put my legs up on a chair and farted out loud.
  32. I wore #6 when I played baseball.
  33. I hit and kick right-handed (see #2 above for more info).
  34. I have complete baseball card sets from 1986 and 1987.
  35. I own more then 2 Cal Ripken rookie cards.
  36. I met Ernie Banks once (he was drunk I think, and wearing his "Mr. Cub" hat)) and he told me something about life that I can't remember anymore. It was very bizarre.
  37. I found the sterno (me and a guy named Steve) can that lit Fulton County stadium on fire.
  38. After we found the can, I didn't call 911 because I figured that with all the reporters in the press box, someone would call. No one did.
  39. I have a 43 rating on ebay.
  40. I own my own business - a youth and sports photography franchise in Fairfield County, CT.
  41. If I could have dinner with one celebrity person it would be Kevin Smith.
  42. I went to art school in Atlanta and my portfolio won best in show at graduation.
  43. I am the oldest child of 3.
  44. I've smoked about 3 cigarettes in my entire life, and about 4 cigars (maybe 5).
  45. I love Nestle Crunch.
  46. Make my happy - feed me lemon cake with a hardish frosting top.
  47. I graduated from high school in 1988.
  48. I was captain of my high school bowling team (!).
  49. I once slept in a bed with Star Wars sheets.
  50. I saw Star Wars in 1977 during its first run when I was 7 years old and think I remember being on line to go in.
  51. I've never shot better than about an 87 on any golf course (well, there was that one time I par'd an entire mini-golf course).
  52. I didn't learn to play golf until I was 27.
  53. I won best athlete at sleepaway camp when I was 16.
  54. I want to be a teacher.
  55. I was a camp counselor for 6 year olds when I was 17, and a counselor for tiny tots that same year.
  56. I'd rather be alone.
  57. I should never be allowed to sing in public.
  58. I've sung ONE karaoke song in pubic - by Bob Marley. It was horrible.
  59. I never park in a handicap spot.
  60. I don't like grudges.
  61. My daughter says I'm crazy because sometimes I work on 3 "puters" at once.
  62. My first car was a 1978 Chevy Malibu Wagon, blue with wood side paneling.
  63. I like to push my luck.
  64. I love spending time in bookstores.
  65. I am terrified by needles.
  66. And bees.
  67. I don't stand on ceremony.
  68. I like it when I act "non-traditional"
  69. But I look like a frat boy so people don't expect it.
  70. I like to surprise people by being smarter or deeper than they thought.
  71. I like to give people the benefit of doubt.
  72. I am too trustworthy.
  73. I love fresh mex, a lot.
  74. But I love sesame chicken even more. Only the deep fried kind with extra seeds.
  75. I tried contact lenses but they kept falling out.
  76. I usually try to take the easy way out of any situation.
  77. And feel that that might be my true talent.
  78. The New York Giants are the greatest football franchise in the world.
  79. I did try to like the XFL.
  80. But couldn't because it sucked.
  81. I know off-hand the 1978 Yankees starting line up.
  82. I think I have reflux - and just finished my first Prilosec OTC treatment. Seems to have worked.
  83. I used to love to eat cheese combos and Lipton Iced Tea.
  84. I lost over 25 lbs on Weight Watchers in 2001.
  85. And kept track of everything I ate in Excel.
  86. Which totally drove my wife crazy.
  87. I think that someone needs to invent a chocolate and salt candy bar. Too tasty!
  88. I am full of shit 99% of the time.
  89. I've never been in fist fight.
  90. I built my first Web page in 1993 and it generated an article in the AJC.
  91. I played goalie for my High School soccer team as a freshman and my team scored more goals on ME than they did against other teams.
  92. My net worth during the Internet boom was more than $500,000.
  93. It is now a lot, lot less.
  94. I have a hard time following my instincts.
  95. Because of that, I lost out on about $450,000.
  96. I am a hopeless romantic.
  97. My favorite book of all time is Snow Crash.
  98. I'm almost done!
  99. 235 lbs. The most I've ever bench pressed.
  100. I dread the day my daughters leave for college.

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